Notes from our 21st May 2009 meeting

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Parish plan
SINGLETON councillors are devoting some of their efforts to revitalising our Parish Plan and Village Design Statement in the hope these will go a long way to warding off unwelcome development in the future – a constant threat, especially under current Government requirments for house-building nationally.

We’re putting our ideas together for our next meeting  and will be devoting our August meeting (on Thursday, 20th August 2009 in the vilage hall, at 7.30pm) to hosting an evening when everyone in the parish can see the plan before it goes to print. We have a number of examples of parish plans to use as the basis of ours, and will be making it as useful, readable, and as presentable as possible.

SINGLETON councillors Clive Barnden and Maxine Chew met councillors from Staining and Weeton to discuss how the SpID (SPeed Indicator Device) shared between the three councils is to be deployed.

The meeting was hosted at Maxine’s home on Wednesday, 6th May 2009, and agreed that Staining should mastermind the deployment and recharging of the SPID. Staining is also handling insurance, costs and other issues and apportioning these to Singleton and Weeton.

Village hall noticeboard
THE Village Hall Committee has agreed to accept a new vandal-proof noticeboard to be provided by the parish council. It’s the first of three to be positioned around the parish – the others will be in the village bus-stop and on Mains Lane – and has already been ordered.

The committee also agreed to accept the council’s proposal to erect one or two Christmas trees at the front of the building, with cabling and electicity metering provided by Councillor Bob Gallagher’s electrical supplies and installations firm, PEI-Delta, based on Poulton Industrial Estate. The council could also provide a set of Christmas lights.

Dog control orders
BECAUSE Singleton has no dog-control orders at the moment we’re submitting some suggestions to Fylde Borough Council, namely:

  • – Dog ban areas to include the MUGA and school playing field, the playground, and Puzzle Wood;
  • – Leads and scoops required in The Village;
  • – Scoops required everywhere else.

Other issues

  • – We’ve offered our support to Wesham Town Council’s objection to a major development in its area.
  • – We’ve been asked to help support Kirkham Baths and have as a result donated £200 to Rural Splash.
  • – We’ve had quotes for the resurfacing at the car-park, and a last quote is on its way.
  • – We’ve agreed to replant the flower tubs. There was some doubt about this following the theft of one of the tubs, but we’re aiming to make the remaining tubs and replacement tubs as thief-proof as possible.

Next meeting
THURSDAY, 25th June 2009 sees our next meeting, in the Church vestry as usual, and starting at 7.30pm.  Meetings are informal, and everyone’s welcome – also, we welcome any questions about any issues at anytime during meetings.

If you want to know what the parish precept is being spent on, come to our meetings – our income and expenditure is public information and will soon be available on this website.

Want a webpage?
 ANY Singleton organisation is welcome to have its own page on a new website set up for the parish. See the embryonic site at
and/or email Clive at clive.blogs@googlemail.comwith any details you’d like to seee included on your own page(s).