Council launches ‘Singleton in Bloom’

Council launches ‘Singleton in Bloom’

SINGLETON Parish Council has launched a ‘Singleton in Bloom’ garden competition which offers nearly £600 worth of prizes and eight class trophies!

At its last meeting, on 11th March, the council announced the competition, launched to coincide with the St Anne’s Church 150th anniversary, which will be marked in mid-2010 by a flower festival and concerts, among other activities.

Singleton in Bloom has four prize classes for gardeners in and around the village, and a matching four for Little Singleton. Judging will take place in the week beginning 28th June.

The classes are: best large garden, best small garden, best hanging basket, and best children’s garden. Prizes (in vouchers) are £50, £30, and £20 for the best large garden; the same for the best small garden; £30, £20 and £10 for the best hanging basket; and £20, £10 and £5 for the best children’s garden. The eight trophies will go to the eight class winners.

Singleton Trust has very kindly donated £300 for the village prizes, and the parish council is matching that for the Little Singleton Prizes as well as paying for the trophies. Competition entry forms are available from the parish newsletter, due to be published soon after this announcement, or by registration with our Parish Clerk.

Looking for sponsorship
The flower-arranging ladies of St Anne’s Church are looking for sponsorship for the flower festival to mark the church’s 150th. They have already raised some £200 from a coffee morning and are planning more.

Free grit bins!
GLASDON has kindly offered to donate two grit bins which will be sited at the church and school in preparation for any bad weather to come, now or next winter. The manufacturer has also offered to replace the dustbin at the play area with one to match the existing one provided years ago. Also, local resident Don Sidebottom has offered to provide two more, at half-price, which will be sited in Pool Foot Lane, the worst hit road this winter.

If you’ve been reading The Gazette recently you’ll have seen that three loads of rubble and grass were dumped at the Lodge Lane layby, costing more than £1,000 to remove. Cllr Tom Boyd has ascertained that at least one load of rubble was old B&Q materials, but the store has no knowledge who bought them and dumped them. Also, two big black bags of grass turves have been dumped in Grange Road.

Has anyone seen anything? We’d love to know who was causing the problem.

SPiD’s appears outside Mallard Hall!
It’s taken a long time to mobilise the SPeedindicator Device that Singleton has bought with Staining and Weeton, but all the formalities, insurance, and manual training have now been completed, and the SPiD made one of its first appearances on the lamppost outside Mallard Hall. The smiley face grins for those doing less than 30mph and turns down for those doing more.

The Parish Council is sending a congratulatory letter to Staining Parish Council, which has been responsible for getting the SPID mobile – and which has organised an unpredictable rota of locations to keep motorists guessing.

NB: There have been complaints that farm vehicles are being driven by people using mobile phones. Local police have asked us to encourage residents to jot down the farm vehicle registrations.

Parish Plan
COUNCILLORS warmly welcomed chairman Clive Barnden’s draft Parish Plan document. Subject to a few minor amendments it is due to be printed and launched before the council’s AGM.

Fylde Borough Council has published its assessment of land available for building in the borough, and two small sites in Great Singleton have been included, one behind Mount Farm, the other behind The Old Vicarage. The former is said to be unsuitable for development, the latter has no access.

Next meeting
OUR next meeting is on Thursday, 22nd April, starting at 7.30pm as usual, and in the church vestry, as usual. All are welcome.