Singleton Parish Council

Singleton Trust

The Richard Dumbreck Singleton Trust has been something of a mystery for those in the parish who are not tenants or connected with it in any other way, but the board of trustees is keen to make its activities more public so we can all better understand its objectives and help the Trust meet them.

The Trust is guided by the terms of its trust deed, which includes the following two significant paragraphs in Richard Dumbreck’s own words:

During my ownership it has been my aim to preserve Singleton as a community. I have spent money on building new houses, properties in the village have been let at reasonable rents to families with young children, the school has prospered and now attracts pupils from outside Singleton, the tenant farmers are successul (indeed, one has an outstanding herd of Friesians) and the community can, I believe, be described as thriving.

“My wish is to see a charity created for the benefit of this community (or of a larger or smaller area the support of which would be regarded as a charitable object) and that the community shall be self-sustaining, reasonable rents being charged and money being spent on maintenance and improvement of dwellings, land and amenities. The Executors whom I have chosen have worked with me in maintaining Singleton over much of the period of my ownership and understand my aims and wishes. I have endeavoured to give them the widest powers to create a trust for the community which the authorities will accept as a valid charity.

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