Fylde BC’s Christmas Collection Arrangements

Fylde BC’s Christmas Collection Arrangements

Fylde BC will again be working with Trinity Hospice to offer the doorstep collections of real Christmas trees to all areas of Fylde.

The collections will take place on Friday 12 January, Saturday 13 January and Sunday 14 January 2024. Residents will again be able to book a tree collection online and pledge a charitable donation to Trinity Hospice for their doorstep tree collection. The booking site will be accessible on the Trinity Hospice website from mid November 2023 and available up to early January 2024 and a link to this can be found on Fylde BC’s Christmas web page.

Fylde BC is also planning to set up temporary Christmas Tree collections at two sites in St Annes and Kirkham between Wednesday 3 January to Sunday 15 January 2024. Residents who don’t wish to book a tree collection through Trinity Hospice will be able to drop off their own trees at these sites or can alternatively use the subscribed green wheeled bin collections for recycling real Christmas trees.

The drop-off site locations are: –

Coastguard Station, North Beach car park, St Annes

William Segar Hodgson Park, Coronation Road, Kirkham.

All the real Christmas trees collected by Trinity Hospice, along with the trees taken to one of the collection points above, will again be planted on St Annes beach as part of the ongoing sand dunes restoration project.

If you have any questions please contact Fylde’s team on recycle@fylde.gov.uk