Lodge Lane layby investigated

Lodge Lane layby investigated

ANTICS at the layby in Lodge Lane are worse than many feared, according to an investigation conducted last week by a councillor and police.

Fylde borough councillor and Singleton parish councillor Maxine Chew was following up complaints when she visited the layby with police on Thursday, 13th August. They found the woods by the layby had five wide and well-defined paths, caused by the frequent traffic of people into the woods, and treetrunks had been placed at appropriate heights for sexual activity. Evidence of sexual activity was everywhere – and included a box of condoms provided by the NHS!

Now our local police are targeting the area, visiting it whenever possible, particularly at night. Car numbers will be recorded, and two documents will be handed out as relevant – one warns about anti-social behaviour, and the other is about police stop and search routines. The former reads:

“Members of the local community as well as passing vehicles with families of all ages visit this layby all year round.

“There have been a number of letters of complaint received by the local parish council in relation to anti-social behaviour.

“The Police, Fylde Borough Council and Singleton Parish Council will not tolerate ANY anti-social behaviour in this layby or adjoining area, as we are trying to continue to promote the area as a family friendly environment.

“The Police will be conducting high visibility patrols and any incidents will be dealt with appropriately. Please remember to take any litter home and that the adjoining woods are private property.

“If you do see an incident that concerns you please do not hesitate to contact Fylde Borough Council on 01253 658658 or the Police on 01253 293933 (in case of emergency call 999).”

Parish council to help

At its meeting on Thursday, 20th August in the village hall, Singleton Parish Council welcomed a report on the layby by Sergant Helen Ford and has promised to help the landowners, especially with the erection of ‘Private Property’ signs. Other action may be taken, too.

The council’s meeting was devoted to its draft parish plan, and the layby was a very appropriate issue. The council is currently on a county council schedule to install bollards at the layby, but so far no date for this work has been fixed by the county.

Motorcyclist’s death

Traffic issues dominate the draft parish plan and are being pursued by the council with renewed vigour in the light of motorcyclist Bob Fairclough’s death on Mile Road on the morning of Thursday, 20th August: see our story on the parish blog (click the link in the right-hand column on this page).