Singleton Parish Council

Minutes 2021


Singleton Parish Council               

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held via Zoom

on Tuesday 26 January 2021 at 7.15 pm

Present: – Cllrs Gallagher (Chair), Bailey (Vice Chair), Ibbotson, Cholmondeley and Lee

1. Apologies for Absence – The Clerk who was unable to join in the Zoom meeting.
2. Police Matters   The Parish Council was pleased by the response from the Police regarding illegal trips out to Singleton by motorists. The CCTV has been stationed in the Church Car Park and has been a good deterrent.  
3. Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising   The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 15 December were agreed as a true and correct record and will be signed at the next scheduled meeting.   Matters arising   Police and RSPCA have attended an address on Mains Lane to issue advice and guidance. Further visits will be made to ensure compliance.Objection to Trust’s housing application for 4 detached houses submitted 23/12/2020.Singleton signs.  Some progress here. LCC have referred this to Fylde BC who informed the Clerk that they are currently working on signage to the entrances of the Borough and both entrances (Shard Lane and Mains Lane) are included in this.  They are hoping to pick this work up again later this year and include Singleton signs in the improvement.Problems with flooding outside property on Mains Lane.  Nothing heard back from from Highways England.  The Clerk has referred this to Environmental Health LCC.Cycling on footpaths – Nothing further heard from Highways England.
4. Declaration of Interests –   Cllr Lee declared a personal interest in planning application 21/0028 and took no part in the deliberation  
5. Planning Matters and Decisions   21/0004 – 150 Mains Lane Singleton – Single storey rear extension and external alterations to existing dwelling including formation of Juliet balcony and removal of canopy to front elevation. Reconfiguration and/or replacement of window and door openings and over-cladding of property in render and timber effect cement fibre.21/0028 – 142 Mains Lane Singleton. First Floor and two storey extensions and associated alterations to convert existing bungalow to a two storey dwelling.

The Parish Council has no specific observations on either application.
6. Traffic and Highway Issues – None  
7. New By-Pass   Work starting at Skippool roundabout with an estimated duration of two years, which will cause considerable delays for traffic. The milestone at Skippool will be in the way of the roadworks. The Clerk was asked to contact Kier to ask if it could be transported to Cllr Ibbotson’s house for safe-keeping and painting.  
8. Correspondence – Held over till next meeting.
9. Update from Fylde Borough Council   Borough Cllr Lee told the meeting that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England has launched a public consultation inviting proposals for a new pattern of electoral wards for Fylde. Any comments can be submitted at    Any business that are affected by Covid are urged to visit the FBC website to check if they are eligible –   Two planning applications which the Parish Council have objected to are before the Planning Committee on 3rd February and Br Cllr Lee will be speaking against both.
11.   Accounts and Any Invoices to Pay – Held over till next meeting.
12.   Any Other Business   Cllr Cholmondeley had been approached by a resident from Occupation Lane about the state of the road. Although this is a private road, the Parish Council will try and help.If anyone has any content for the newsletter, please let Cllr Ibbotson know.After perusing the Statement of Accounts to 31 December 2020 and all the Precept information supplied by the Clerk, it was unanimously agreed on a 1% increase in the Precept from Fylde Borough Council for the 2021/2022 financial year.  
13. Date and Time of next meetings – These were arranged for: – Tuesday February 23rd and Tuesday March 23rd 2021, both to take place at the Village Hall at 7.15pm. As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 20:10.  

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