Minutes from Meeting held on 15 November 2018

Minutes from Meeting held on 15 November 2018

Singleton Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, Singleton
on 15 November 2018 at 7.15 pm

Present: – Cllrs Lee (Chair), Bailey (Vice Chair), Chew, and Gallagher, and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes.
1. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Smith

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 25th October, having been previously circulated and agreed, were signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.

Matters arising from previous meeting

• The Parish Council’s concern about the removal of a hedge in front of a property on Lodge Lane has been reported to the Chief Planning Officer and acknowledged.
• The faulty gate catch on the entrance to the playground has been reported to the Operations Supervisor at Fylde Borough Council.

3. Open Forum – None

4. Declaration of Interests – Cllr Gallagher in regard to planning application 18/0655 and he therefore took no part in that discussion.

5. Planning Matters and Decisions

18/0655 – Windy Harbour Holiday Centre – Change of use of land to allow the siting of an additional 81 static caravans for holiday use. These plans were studied for quite some time with the Parish Council being very mindful of the impact this increase of caravans would have on the area. The increase in seasonal residents would also be a drain on already stretched resources in regard to local doctors in Poulton-le-Fylde and Great Eccleston and limited public transport. However it was decided to offer no objections to the proposal but the Parish Council would comment that it felt that it was now at full capacity for caravan sites in the parish. It would also ask for extensive landscaping for this site.

6. Police Matters

The Monthly crime figures for October have been received showing that there were 2 cases of Anti-Social Behaviour, 1 of Criminal Damage, 3 Violent Crimes, 1 Theft & Handling and 2 Auto Crimes.

Concern was expressed about damage caused to the children’s play area after someone had a fire there overnight. It would appear that a resident became aware of trouble being planned by a group of youths from Thornton, including throwing eggs at houses, and reported this to the Police. Unfortunately this report does not appear to have been followed up and the damage was subsequently caused.

7. Traffic and Highway Issues

The problem with the street lights on Mains Lane had been reported to Highways England but nothing has been heard from them to date.

8. Proposed new By-Pass

Consultation is now being carried out into the next stage with replies having to be back within 4 weeks.

9. Update on SpID

There has been an exchange of emails and the County Council is currently reviewing the types of SpID, in conjunction with Lancashire Constabulary, and the advice is that the Parish Council holds off any decision at the moment until this review has been completed. It would appear that Weeton is now looking for a new SpID and it may be an idea to share a new one between us, as we have done in the past.

It was agreed to wait for further information from LCC before proceeding.


• Information received about the Holocaust Memorial Day on Friday 25 January 2019 when an event will be held at The Synagogue in St. Annes. Cllr Chew will attend on behalf of the Parish Council.
• Minutes received from the District Parish Liaison Meeting held on 24 October 2018, which Cllr Chew attended. The matter brought up by County Councillor Paul Hayhurst regarding election costs and the unfairness towards small councils, was supported. The Leader of the Council was there and understood Cllr Hayhurst’s argument. A successful outcome.

Feedback from meeting with Singleton Trust

This had been a productive meeting. Three members of the Parish Council attended, Cllrs Bailey, Lee and Gallagher. The state of the bus shelter was brought up and they still want to have it moved and to meet the cost of this. The bus shelter belongs to Fylde Borough Council but agreement would be needed also from LCC. The Trust is quite keen for it to be replaced and is hoping to site it nearer to the Police Station.

Cllr Chew advised that there may be some money coming from a Section 106 Agreement which could be used for this and to wait and see if this materialises before proceeding. The car park for the church has been agreed.

Thank you’s

It had previously been agreed via email that the Parish Council should say “thank you” to two members of the public who continued to look after the security of the Village Hall car park on a daily basis, and to the member of the public who had voluntarily picked up litter in the Pool Foot Lane, Mains Lane area of the Parish. The Clerk had therefore purchase three gifts which had now been delivered.

13. Accounts and Invoices to Pay

• T A Pawson – Mounting and charging SpID at 2 locations – £60.00. Proposed Cllr Lee, Seconded Cllr Gallagher. Agreed.
• Verena Henderson – Reimbursement for Thank you gifts – £63.60. Proposed Cllr Gallagher, Seconded Cllr Lee. Agreed.
• Clerk- Salary and Expenses for October/November – £274.89 – Proposed Cllr Chew, Seconded Cllr Bailey. Agreed.

14. Any Other Business

• Concern expressed about two cars regularly being parked overnight on the village hall car park. It was agreed that the car park would be closed for security reasons during the Christmas and New Year period, i.e. from 22nd December to 5 January 2019.
• Cllr Chew advised the meeting that she had been on a working group looking at increasing leisure activities across the Borough. She had been very alarmed to learn that all the funding for leisure activities would be going to projects in St. Annes and Lytham and that nothing was to go to the rural area. A total of £50,000 worth of funding would be going to St. Annes. The neglect of the needs of the rural area was totally unacceptable.
• Cllr Chew has drafted the Christmas newsletter and Cllr Lee will finalise it.
15 Date and Time of next meeting – 13 December, 7.15pm.

As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 8.25pm.

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………

Verena Henderson
Clerk to the Parish Council
Tel: 01995 670455