Lancashire County Council has confirmed that from 1 October 2019, Fylde residents will be able to recycle plastic pots, tubs and trays in the blue bins/green boxes.

The following items can now go into the blue bins/green boxes alongside the usual glass bottles/jars, cans, plastic bottles, aerosols, aluminium foil and foil trays:-

Plastic pots – such as yoghurt, soup and snack pots with lids included
Plastic tubs – such as margarine, ice cream and detergent with lids included
Plastic trays – such as meat, cooked meat, fish (plastic film lids, wrapping and absorbent meat pads removed please and disposed of in grey bin)
Plastic punnets – such as fruit and vegetables with plastic lids included
Plastic plant pots but please remove any soil and plants.

Any further information, please contact Fylde Borough Council or check on their websits