Vehicle Crime is on the rise!

Vehicle Crime is on the rise!

Information received from the Kirkham and Rural Fylde Neighbourhood Policing Team tells us that there has recently been an increase in vehicle crime in our area. We are all asked to be extra vigilant.

Please take every precaution to ensure your property is safe. Always lock and secure your motor vehicle and remove all valuable items from view. If your wing mirrors can be turned in, please take the time to do this. Remove any signs of a Sat Nav or Mobile Phone Holder, such as suction marks and cradles by removing the item and marks left on your window screen. Remove dash cams – please take the time to do this as this is currently a growth area in vehicle crime.

If you are going away, be sure to ask somebody to keep an eye on your vehicle and if possible, move the vehicle every couple of days so as not to appear as if no one is using the vehicle.

Van drivers: please remove your tools from the vehicle and ladders from the roof rack.

Never leave windows open whilst your vehicle is parked on the drive. Always lock your vehicle even when you are at home and your car is on the drive. If you can, place car keys/fob in a signal blocking box.

Never leave your vehicle with doors or windows open and the keys in the vehicle whilst you nip in to get something.

Don’t give the opportunist thieves any opportunity!