Was the church ‘cased’ by thieves last year?

Was the church ‘cased’ by thieves last year?

THE BIG QUESTION on all our lips at the most recent parish council meeting was whether the white van incident last year had anything to do with the theft of roofing lead and tiles from Singleton’s church last weekend?

You probably already know that St.Anne’s Church suffered damage as well as the theft and had to be waterproofed while insurance issues were resolved and the PCC, as it is rumoured, seeks to install a new kind of alarm with a flashing light and a verbal warning to deter thieves.

You may remember that last year we had a poor police response to residents’ fears that the occupants of two white vans outside the church one night were casing the joint for a potential theft.

Last weekend, however, the police response to an actual theft was incredibly quick and impressive, said Cllr Chris Bailey, with an immediate heavy presence once the theft was reported,  followed by house-to-house enquiries and leaving a CCTV van regularly outside in case the thieves returned while the scaffolding was still up and repair work continues.

However, the white vans of last year were not in the area this time, said PCSO Andy Rigby. But their people might have been here, in another vehicle, said Cllr Chris Bailey.

PCSO Rigby attended our meeting, on Thursday, 23rd February 2012, to report on PACT meetings as well as recent crime. In fact crime was down in January, he said, from six incidents last year to just two this year:

  • – A caravan was broken into at the Windy Harbour Caravan Park, but nothing was stolen;
  • – The office at Singleton Service Station was broken into and property stolen.

Police priorities

PCSO Rigby said last month’s PACT priorities were to concentrate on speeding through the village and cyclists riding without lights. This month’s priorities are the grass damage caused by the weekly bin lorry collections due to cars parked badly at Miller Crescent, and also to reduce the thoughtless parking of some parents taking their children to Singleton Primary School. “Some mothers seem to regard the zig-zags as just somewhere else to drop off their children,” said Cllr Maxine Chew.

THE next PACT meeting is on Tuesday, 6th March, at Elswick, starting at 6pm. After that it’s Tuesday, 3rd April, in Singleton and starting at 11am, following requests by Cllr Maxine Chew, Cllr Chris Bailey, and some local residents.

Parking in Miller Crescent

PCSO Rigby is to distribute parish council letters outlining what action may be taken if the parking doesn’t improve. Options could include double-yellow lines around the whole of the Crescent, fines for obstruction, or creating a roadside area where residents should leave their bins for collection by bin lorries which would then have no need to enter the Crescent.

Three-Tier Forum

THE first meeting of this new body, consisting of representatives from Lancashire County Council, Fylde Borough Council, and a single representative for all the Fylde parish councils, will be held on 12th April. The wish-list we’re submitting for consideration at the meeting includes clearing blocked roadside gulleys, improving road markings, filling in potholes and resurfacing.

 Next meetings

WE meet again on Thursday, 22nd March and Thursday, 26th April, in the church vestry as usual, and starting at 7.30pm as usual. All are welcome, especially as we have an ‘open forum’ session when members of the public may air their views and concerns.