Chris Bailey (Vice-Chair)
Barnfield Manor, Singleton FY6 8LJ

Maxine Chew (also a Fylde Borough Councillor)
77 Mains Lane, Singleton FY6 7LD. Tel: 01253 884548.

Bob Gallagher Old Bankfield House, Pool Foot Lane, Singleton FY6 8LY. Tel: 01253 894531.

Matthew Lee, (Chair) The Old Vicarage, Lodge Lane, Singleton, FY6 8LS, Tel: 01253 882749

Michael Smith ( 11 The Village, Singleton FY6 8LL. Tel 01253 890638

You can contact any of us, or raise any issue, by contacting our clerk Verena Henderson on (01995) 670455.


A585/TAAP – Cllr Chew
Car-park resurfacing – Cllr Gallagher
Dog fouling /control orders – All
Email systems – Cllr Gallagher
Litter problem – All
Lodge Lane layby closure – Cllr Chew
Noticeboards – Parish Clerk
Potholes – All
Puzzle Wood – Cllr Chew
SpIDs – Cllr Chew
Website – Parish Clerk
Windy Harbour Golf Village – Cllr Gallagher