Annual Parish Meeting

This year’s Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Thursday 25 May 2017 at Singleton Village Hall, commencing at 7.00pm. Members of the public are most welcome to attend. Please find below the Agenda and draft minutes from the Annual Parish Meeting from 26 May 2016.

Singleton Parish Council
will be held at Singleton Village Hall
on Thursday 25 May 2017
at 7.00 pm

Your presence is requested


1. Apologies
2. Minutes of previous meeting held on 26 May 2016
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Financial Report from the Clerk
5. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for 2017/18
6. Any Questions from the public

Verena Henderson
Clerk to Singleton Parish Council
Singleton Parish Council


Held at Singleton Village Hall, Singleton
on 26 May 2016 at 7.00 pm

Present: – Cllrs Bailey (Chair), Gallagher (Vice Chair), Chew, Lee and Smith and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes. Also present were County Councillor Paul Hayhurst and one member of the public.

1. Apologies – were received from Cllr Gallagher who arrived towards the middle of the meeting.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14 May 2015, having been previously circulated, were agreed as a true and correct record and duly signed by the Chairman.

3. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported that he was indebted to his fellow councillors for helping to make a most enjoyable and informative year in their combined efforts to promote the well-being of residents. He also thanked the Clerk for her impeccable minutes and for keeping all councillors so well informed on council matters.

During the year we saw the installation of the defibrillator on the village hall site, thanks to monies raised by the Village Hall, Singleton History Group, United Utilities and the Parish Council. Villagers were invited to a training course facilitated by Peter Bond of the British Red Cross. This was very informative and well received by the 24 who took part. Peter Bond has offered to arrange another course if so wished.

New signage and surfacing for the car park has made a marked improvement for walking and the visual impact. The playground grass area is cut regularly and the Parish Council has a contract with Fylde Borough Council to have the slides, swings etc checked for safety on a frequent basis. The number of youngsters using the area shows it is very popular.

The Parish Council’s thanks go to the Village Gala Committee for putting on another successful event and to all who worked extremely hard. There were some issues around health and safety for the parade, but good sense prevailed. The Parish Council looks forward to a further Gala on the 19th June 2016.

The Parish Council’s thanks also go to Cllr Paul Hayhurst for pursuing the 20mph limit for the village and his endeavours in keeping a rural bus service operational.

Highways England continues with its work in clearing drains on Mains Lane, which has proved a bigger task than first thought, but they have been very good at keeping the traffic-flow moving. Resurfacing the paths and cutting back overgrown verges have greatly improved walking facilities.

Many traffic issues were raised during the work at Windy Harbour that still have not been fully resolved. The traffic during rush hours on Mains Lane, Lodge Lane and Singleton Village does not get any better and the speed and amount of traffic on Station Road still causes concern. Noisy and speeding motorcycles, especially at weekends, continue as in previous years and the Police have been informed.

The Parish Council has held regular meetings with the Dumbreck Trust and is pleased that Worsick’s Farmhouse rebuild plans are now approved. Unfortunately the `Vision’ plans have been withdrawn from Fylde Borough Council but we look forward to hearing any alternative plans. The work carried out by the Trust on the walkways has proved highly successful and we warmly congratulate them. A sponsored walk through Puzzle Wood and the new pathways was arranged by the Village School and Junior Church in aid of Children in Need in the Autumn. This was a great success with a large number of parents and villagers taking part, raising over £800 for the cause.

Crime in the Parish has fortunately remained in the non-serious nature, although not necessarily to the victim concerned. We see very little police presence, apart from the speed vehicle. We are advised that this will improve with the appointment of new recruits in the near future. Inspector Susan Horn has recently been appointed in charge of our area and we wish her welcome and every success.

Finally the Chair wished a very happy year to the new Chair for 2016/2017.

4. Financial Report from the Clerk

The Clerk distributed details of the end of year accounts for 2015/2016 showing a balance carried forward to 2016/2017 of £23,559.

Receipts included the Precept of £17,465, Council Tax Reduction Grant of £1,379, Reclaimed VAT of £2,541, donations for the defibrillator of £900, Lancashire County Council payment for grasscutting of £468 and interest on the bank accounts of £16, making a total received of £22,769.

Expenditure included the Grasscutting contract of £4,965, annual contract to Fylde BC for maintenance of the playground of £2,286, Clerk’s salary of £2,142, Clerk’s expenses of £680, car park maintenance of £2,023, Insurance of £668, audit fees of £290, plants for tubs – £600, SPID – £822, general maintenance of £230, defibrillator installation £266, repayment of loan of £1,775 as well as several minor expenses making a total expenditure of £17,189.

The accounts had been audited by Ray Cottam of Great Eccleston once again and the annual audit return completed for the Audit Commission. Details of the accounts would be displayed on both noticeboards and on the website. There would also be a period of 4 weeks for members of the parish to view the accounts, and this too would be displayed on the noticeboards and website.

5. Election of Chair and Vice Chair for the period 2016/2017

Cllr Lee proposed that Cllr Gallagher be appointed as Chair for the said period. This was seconded by Cllr Chew and Agreed.
Cllr Chew proposed that Cllr Smith be appointed as Vice-Chair for the said period. This was seconded by Cllr Lee and Agreed.
The new Chair and Vice-Chair accordingly took up their positions.

6. Any questions from the public

1. Cty Cllr Hayhurst advised the meeting that he had managed to ensure that there would continue to be a Number. 75 bus service, albeit now on a 2-hourly basis. This would continue to be subsidised but there would be no new subsidies in the future. If the chosen route was not to the majority of people’s liking, if we contact him he will try and get it amended.
2. As regards the 20 mph limit, this is still going through, though unfortunately taking a long time. This has the backing of Cllr John Fillis the Portfolio Holder at LCC.
3. Cllr Chew reported that she had been having meetings with Cllr Singleton of Staining Parish Council to try and resolve any remaining flooding issues following the floods during the winter. They had sent out a questionnaire to those affected and the collaboration was proving to be most useful. One of the problems coming to light, however, was that some landowners were not maintaining their dykes any more, which was exacerbating the flooding problems.

As there were no further questions, the meeting was closed at 7.30pm.

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………

Verena Henderson
Clerk to the Parish Council
Tel: 01995 670455

Tel: 01995 670455