Agenda and Minutes for meeting on 25 September 2014

Agenda and Minutes for meeting on 25 September 2014

Singleton Parish Council

A Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at the Village Hall, Singleton on Thursday 25 September 2014 at 7.30 pm.
Your presence is requested.
1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declaration of Interests

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 14 August 2014 and any Matters Arising

4. Open Forum – The Council will open up the meeting for 15 minutes for any questions from residents.

5. Police and PACT Report

6. Traffic Issues

7. Correspondence

8. Planning matters and decisions, plus –
• Proposed Woodland’s Development
• Singleton Trust’s Planning Application
9. Neighbourhood Planning

10. Current Statement of Accounts

11. Accounts and any Cheques to Pay

12. Any Other Business
• Christmas Cards
13. Date and Time of Next Meeting
• 16 October 2014.

Singleton Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, Singleton
on 25 September 2014 at 7.30 pm

Present: – Cllrs Lee (Chair), Chew, Gallagher and Smith, and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes. The Parish Council was very pleased to welcome PC Vicky Doherty to this meeting.
1. Apologies – Cllr Bailey.

2. Declaration of Interests – Cllr Gallagher in respect of a neighbour’s planning application in Pool Foot Lane.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising

The Minutes of the meeting held on 14 August 2014 were agreed as a true and correct record and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

The Clerk circulated finalised copies of the Standing Orders for all councillors to keep.

4. Open Forum – No members of the public present.

5. Police and PACT Report

PC Vicky Gallagher reported that 8 crimes had been recorded in the area, which was the same number as in 2013. The crimes were as follows: –

• Theft of a generator from Old Mains Lane
• Criminal damage to a car on Windy Harbour Holiday park – a male from Manchester has been arrested for this and dealt with
• Daytime burglary on Mains Lane
• Assault at Poolbrow Caravan park – no action wanted to be taken
• Burglary on Garstang Road when 2 cars were stolen. These were recovered three days later in Preston
• Road rage incident. Drivers spoken to
• Burglary on Honeypot Lane – enquiries on-going.

Obviously residents still need to be vigilant.

Fly-tipping still remains a big problem with Grange Road being targeted again. On one day recently the pile of fly-tipped rubbish was so big that it spilled over onto the road. Cllr Chew was pleased however to report that Fylde BC had responded and removed it immediately. Cllr Gallagher felt sure he had deterred a would-be fly-tipper on Pool Foot Lane earlier this week.

PC Doherty was thanked for her attendance and members were pleased to see a police presence once again at the Parish Council meetings.
6. Traffic Issues

Cllr Chew had spoken with a representative from United Utilities about the sewerage scheme and their concerns about the volume of traffic using Mains Lane every day, which they estimate to be more than 35,000. The Highways Agency have told them that they cannot close a lane for the work, which they had planned to do for a year, as this would cause too much disruption. They have to come up with another scheme.

7. Correspondence

• Thank you letter from the Singleton Gala Committee for the donation towards the Gala day.
• Fylde Council Governance Consultation – Fylde BC must now introduce a committee system and this will be implemented in May 2015.
• Invitation for the Chairman to attend the Remembrance Service on 9 November at St Annes War Memorial. Unfortunately the Chairman is unable to attend and the Clerk will forward the invitation on to the Vice-Chair.
• YMCA – Consultation on a proposed YMCA College for Physical Education for 16-19 year olds in Lytham St. Annes – Noted.

8. Planning Matters and Decisions

• 14/0635 – The Swallows, Garstang Road, Singleton FY6 7SX – Re-submission of refused application for erection of detached garage and 2M high fence to Mains Lane Boundary.- The Parish Council would like to have the wall at the end of the garage to be brick built and the entrance to the property to be on Garstang Road. The exit from Mains Lane is obstructed by the bus shelter and is deemed to be dangerous.
• 14/0627 – Bankfield Manor, Pool Foot Lane, Singleton, FY6 7LZ – Re-submission of application for proposed erection of dwelling to replace residential use of gatehouse with conversion of gatehouse to domestic outbuilding. Cllr Gallagher did not take part in this discussion. The Parish Council is not opposed to the plans but would like to see the historical façade retained as much as possible. A building has been on this site for 600+ years and the Parish Council would like an archaeological record kept as the work is being carried out.
• 14/0659 – Woodlands, Lodge Lane, Singleton, FY6 8LT – outline application for the erection of up to 16 dwelling houses. This has only just been registered and full details are not to hand as yet. However, the company involved, Metacre Limited, did consult the Parish Council on this in August 2014. The Parish Council responded that they would prefer to see a development that would fit into the local area harmoniously and unobtrusively. It was felt that the junction at five lane ends could not cope with an increase in volume of traffic and the scale of the development was overly large.
• Singleton Trust’s Planning Application – this has been received by Fylde BC but has yet to be validated. The Parish Council awaits details.

Planning Decisions

• 14/0386 – The Farmhouse, 195 Mains Lane, Singleton, FY6 7LB – Conversion of garage to a residential annex – Granted.
• 14/0158 – Richard Dumbreck Trust – Surfaced Pathways to the north within the estate and non-surfaced pathways within the estate woods and field to the south east of Grange Road – Granted.

• 14/0416 – Windy Harbour Cottage, Pool Foot Lane, FY6 8LY – Application for prior notification of single storey rear extension – Granted
• 14/0446 – 4 Mains Lane, Singleton FY6 7LF – Proposed Single storey garage to side elevation – Granted
• 14/0413 – Singleton Grange Farm, Singleton, FY6 8LP – Erection of steel framed agricultural building – Granted
• Town and Country Planning Act 1990 – LCC/2014/0068 – Permanent Retention of the Access Road, Poulton Waste Water Treatment Works, Old Mains Lane – Granted.

Neighbourhood Planning

The Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Area Application has been accepted by Fylde BC and notices are currently being displayed on the noticeboards, lampposts and in the Blackpool Gazette. This will be for a period of 6 weeks. In the meantime approaches have been made to some residents to join the Steering Group and so far the following people have agreed to join us – Chris Simpson, Jim Pawson, Duggie Goth, Mark Clifford and Kath Smith. We still need a couple more so more approaches will be made. It was suggested that Dave Shepherd, ex Planning Officer of Fylde BC could be approached for his professional advice.

The Clerk was asked to contact Fiona Riley of Fylde BC to check on what else we should be doing now.

Current Statement of Accounts

The Clerk distributed a balance sheet showing the current financial position. The balance is £16,646 with the second half of the annual precept being due at the end of September. This balance also included the Community Development Grant of £846 which had to be used towards the Neighbourhood Plan and needed to be used before the end of the grant period which is 31 December 2014. Planned expenditure for this financial year includes more stone for the car park and tarmacking has been arranged. Work is also planned to improve the fencing at the Village Hall.

Accounts and any Cheques to Pay

• Notification from Fylde BC that the second payment of Precept will be paid into the bank. This is for £8561 less playground maintenance of £1113.89 making a total of £7447.11.
• T A Pawson – 2 Mounts of SPID – £60.00 – Proposed Cllr Gallagher, Seconded Cllr Smith. Agreed.
• Rent to Village Hall for use of hall for 6 months – £112.00 – Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Lee. Agreed
• Clerk, Salary and Expenses for August/September 2014 – £355.94 – Proposed Cllr Chew, Seconded Cllr Gallagher. Agreed.

12. Any Other Business

• Christmas cards – It was agreed for Cllr Chew to use a photo of Mains Hall for this year’s Xmas card.
• Complaints received about a very noisy event held at the Village hall on Saturday last with noisy revellers shouting and swearing at 1.30am. The Village Hall is supposed to shut at 12 midnight and members of the Village Hall Committee will look at ways of addressing these problems.
• It was agreed for John Chew to commence the autumn planting of the tubs around the village.
• John Chew is also stripping down an old bench, which is to be placed in the play area once restored.
• Some of the trees on Lodge Lane have died. It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Smith that these be replaced. Agreed.
• The signs in the village have got very dirty and could do with a good clean.
• The Clerk reported that she has now successfully updated the website with Agendas and Minutes being added. She was having difficulty in updating the photograph of the Village Hall however and Cllr Lee offered to help in this regard.

13. Date and Time of next meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 16 October 2014 at 7.30pm at the Village Hall.

As there was no further business the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………

Verena Henderson
Clerk to the Parish Council
Tel: 01995 670455