Agenda and Minutes for Parish Meeting to be held on 25 February 2016

Agenda and Minutes for Parish Meeting to be held on 25 February 2016

Singleton Parish Council

A Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at the Village Hall, Singleton on Thursday 25 February 2016 at 7.15 pm.

Your presence is requested.
1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declaration of Interests

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 28 January 2016 and any Matters Arising

4. Open Forum – The Council will open up the meeting for 15 minutes for any questions from residents.

5. Police Matters

6. Traffic Issues

7. Correspondence

8. Planning matters and decisions

9. Grass-cutting contract for 2016/17

10. Accounts and any Cheques to Pay

11. Any Other Business

12. Date and Time of Next Meeting – 17 March 2016

Verena Henderson
Clerk to Singleton Parish Council
Tel: 01995 670455

Singleton Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, Singleton
on 25 February 2016 at 7.15 pm

Present: – Cllrs Bailey (Chair), Gallagher (Vice Chair), Chew, and Lee, and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes.
1. Apologies were received from Cllr Michael Smith.

2. Declaration of Interests – Cllr Maxine Chew in regards to item 9.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 28 January 2016, having been previously circulated, were agreed as a true and correct record and duly signed by the Vice-Chairman who had chaired that particular meeting.

Matters Arising

• A thank you to Peter Bond had been sent, along with a donation of £50 to the Red Cross, for carrying out the defibrillator training at the Village Hall on 28 January. Mr Bond had responded by saying that this was one of the best training sessions he had ever taken part in and was extremely pleased with the excellent turn-out of villagers and their keen interest. Another training session is to be arranged at the school shortly.
• Fylde Borough Council had acknowledged the Parish Council’s request for a 1% rise in the precept for 2016/17.
• County Councillor Paul Hayhurst had fought the County Council against cuts to the bus service and managed to get them to agree to a reduced schedule instead of cutting them altogether.
• Development Management Training. Cllrs Bailey, Gallagher and Lee had been booked on this training session, which is to take place on 14 March. Cllr Chew will see if there is sufficient room for her to attend also

4. Open Forum – None

5. Police and PACT Report

Unfortunately no report on local crimes had been received from the Police again. An “In The Know” bulletin had been received concerning recruiting PCSOs in Lancashire and details of this had been put on the website.

6. Traffic Issues

Signs which had been greyed out at the top of Pool Foot Lane during the roadworks were still grey. These should be reinstated to show a 30mph speed limit on that lane. Station Road was continuing to cause problems and the surface was starting to crumble again. County Councillor Paul Hayhurst has advised the Parish Council that consideration is being given by LCC to have a speed limit of 40mph on all moss roads across Lancashire, which would include Station Road. He will keep us advised of the decision.

7. Correspondence

• A letter received from the Chair of Singleton Village Hall thanking the Parish Council for arranging for the training of the Defibrillator, which their committee felt was very informative and excellently run by the tutor.
• Fylde Borough Council – Budget Proposal Consultation, which will be decided at its meeting on 2 March 2016. Noted.
• Email from Kirkham Town Council asking for support against the threatened closure of its library. It was agreed to write to LCC in support of the Library.
• Notification of the submission of St. Annes-on-Sea Neighbourhood Plan. Noted.
• Email from Fylde BC urging flood affected farmers to submit applications for compensation before 1 April. Information of this had been put on the website.
• LCC had granted the Parish Council a grant of £501 for the cutting of the grass at Lodge Lane Lay-By.
• An open space, sport and recreation survey had been received from KKP Management Consultants on behalf of Fylde BC to assess the amount of sport and recreation facilities across the borough. The Clerk will complete this survey.
• There are plans to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday at the School. Cllr Lee will pass on correspondence received concerning commemorative coins.

8. Planning Matters and Decisions

• 14/0773 – Notification of an Appeal to be determined by the Secretary of State concerning Koi Pool Garden Centre and their outline application for the erection of two dwellinghouses. This is to be heard on 26 May, starting at 10.00am in the Reception Room at Fylde BC Town Hall.


• 15/0522 – Windy Harbour – Advertisement Consent to Display a non-illuminated hoarding sign. Refused. This is still in place and would be followed up.
• 15/0851 – Land south of Lodge Lane – Erection of Stable Block and formation of Manege – Granted with restricted hours for use of floodlights.
• 16/0016 – White Villa, Weeton Road, Singleton FY6 8LL – Amendment to planning permission 09/0750 to insert window to front gable – Granted.

Grasscutting contract for 2016/17 – Cllr Chew left the room for this item.

The grasscutting contract for the last 2 years had been undertaken by PDQ Garden Contractors. Mr A Pawson, the owner, had offered to carry on the contract for another year at the same price. Proposed by Cllr Lee that the Parish Council accepts this quotation, Seconded by Cllr Gallagher and Agreed. Cllr Chew re-joined the meeting.

10. Accounts and Cheques to Pay
• T A Pawson – mounting of SPID – £60. Proposed Cllr Gallagher, Seconded Cllr Lee. Agreed.
• Clerk’s Salary and Expenses for January/February 2016 – £260.20. Proposed Cllr Chew, Seconded Cllr Bailey. Agreed
• Rent to Village Hall for meeting with Singleton Trust – £16.00. Proposed Cllr Gallagher, Seconded Cllr Lee. Agreed.

It was pointed out that the Parish Council had not paid anything yet during this financial year to the Village Hall Committee towards the electricity usage on the car park. This would be looked into next month.

11. Any Other Business

• Duggie Goth is now officially the custodian for the defibrillator and this has been recorded by North West Ambulance Service. The Parish Council is once again very grateful for Mr Goth’s assistance.
• Notice boards. These were brought up at the last meeting as a resident had asked about what was happening to the one at Shard Road and also the wet winter had taken its toll on the one at the Village Hall. Much discussion took place about these and in particular about possibly making a feature of the one at Shard Road. Cllr Chew’s family would be happy to provide a bench and it was suggested putting down some flags for the plant containers to stand on. This would be looked into and discussed again at a future meeting. In the meantime, Cllr Gallagher would look into getting both noticeboards looked at.
• The 100th Anniversary since the death of T H Miller is coming up and the History Group was looking into commemorating this by doing a display at the 3 local agricultural events they will be attending during the summer. They were also looking into giving some money for replacing one of the Church gates, which was in a poor state of repair. The Parish Council would be happy to help with this and Cllr Chew will talk to the Vicar and report back.
• Spring/Summer Flowering tubs. John Chew is happy to plant these out again but feels that two of the tubs will need replacing. It was unanimously agreed to instruct Mr Chew to proceed with his usual excellent displays.
• Problems caused by cars parking in Pool Foot Lane all day, and cars for sale being parked in the turning area causing an obstruction.
• A van has been parked on the Village Hall Car Park for quite some time. Enquiries will be made via 101 to report it.
• The Appeal has been heard for the Travellers’ Site at Staining on 3 counts; 2 of the counts have been dismissed, 1 has been upheld about them requiring a judgement to continue with the Appeal.
• Cuadrilla has won its appeal for the Grange Road site, which is to be used for monitoring purposes and not for fracking.
• The LCC Recycling Plant at Thornton has been closed down during the present round of cuts. This is because the money received from recycling has dropped considerably, making land-fill a cheaper alternative.
• Sandy Lane – This is a public footpath, but a 4×4 vehicle got stuck down there recently. Cllr Gallagher will look into acquiring 2 more posts.

12. Date and Time of next meeting – 7.15pm, Thursday 17 March 2016.

As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 8.45pm.

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………
Verena Henderson
Clerk to the Parish Council: Tel: 01995 670455