Bloomin’ lovely!

Bloomin’ lovely!

OUR CONTEST for the best gardens and hanging baskets proved such a success that it is to become an annual event, councillors decided at their recent meeting, on 26th August 2010.

There weren’t as many entrants as we would have liked – especially as the contest was linked to the church’s 150th anniversary celebrations, which centred on the amazing display of flowers in the church – but the quality of the gardens entered was very high; Judge Fred Moor was extremely impressed by the gardens he visited; and winners were delighted with their prizes, consisting of trophies and vouchers.

“Singleton could look as good – if not better – than many other villages that enter national garden contents,” said Cllr Bob Gallagher, who created the contest. “We hope interest will grow and grow each year we hold this contest.”

Equally impressive was the church’s Festival of Flowers, which attracted visitors from far and wide and saw donations netting £2,000 more than the cost of the flowers. Singleton Parish Council donated £100 towards those costs.

Also attracting considerable interest in the church anniversary were Singleton History Group’s display of local items and Pam Haythornthwaite’s Victorian exhibit.

NB: Did anyone take photos of all these activities and the visitors involved? The editor of this website would love to know if any keepsakes or memorabilia are being created of the 150th anniversary… 

Lodge Lane layby
SPURIOUS claims that the layby had ‘ceased’ to be an area of concern were easily countered by the parish council by showing local police our photos of recent damage caused by trespassers keen to get into the private woods – the trespassers had cut a large hole in the metal fencing. We’ll be taking photos of any future damage and dumping, and tracing the offenders where possible.

Traffic issues
THE council has been informed that the preliminary waste pipe work on the A585 has had to be delayed: the four weeks of closures are starting later than planned, on 6th September 2010.

Grass is greener on the other side?
COUNCILLORS were concerned that grass-cutting on Fylde Borough Council’s side of Garstang Road was not as professional as Wyre Borough Council’s on the other side!

Grass is fast growing into an issue of local concern – in the play area it’s at least six inches high, and not all the grasscutting that should have been done around the parish has been done. Also, the police house in The Village looks very untidy and has been described as a ‘disgrace’ by some locals. We’re investigating.

School Hall
COUNCILLORS were concerned that plans for the access route to the site for the school’s planned sports hall did not provide enough landscaping – and that affected residents, notably at South Lodge, should have minimal disruption. Our comments have been passed to FBC planners.

Next meeting
OUR next meeting is on 23rd September 2010. As usual, it’s in the church vestry and, as usual, it starts at 7.30pm. All are welcome.