Crimes in the Singleton Area

December 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Parish Council was very concerned to learn that there had been a spate of crimes in October and November, especially around the Lodge Lane area, and would encourage residents to be vigilant at all times. The crimes recorded in the period 15/10/14 to 26/11/14 are as follows: –

– Theft of trees from Lodge Lane Lay-by. These were uprooted and stolen and had originally cost the Parish Council £400 to purchase.
– Intruder in garden on Garstang Road, who had broken into the shed of the neighbouring property using bolt cutters and removed power tools. He ran off leaving the tools behind.
– Chain cut at United Utilities site by the River Wyre – 2 air compressors stolen
– Road rage incident at Shell Garage
– Trailer and contents of outbuildings land a lock-up on Lodge Lane were stolen
– Dresser and Xmas decorations stolen from an outbuilding at Barnfield Manor with locks cut
– Pick-up truck had its orange lights ripped off the roof and stolen and names scratched into the paintwork at the Village Hall Car Park
– Someone cut the locks on the door of an outbuilding on Lodge Lane but were disturbed by an alarm
– Assault at Singleton maze when a teenager had an egg smashed in her face.