Local motorists caught speeding

Local motorists caught speeding

SINGLETON councillors were disappointed there had been no PACT meeting in September and that the police figures for crime covered a wide rural area of the Fylde, making it difficult to ascertain how much crime there had been in our parish. But we were heartened by the growing police presence and the increasing number of fines issued for speeding.

At our meeting on Thursday, 22nd September 2011, we heard that crimes had included an attempted break-in at a mobile home at Windy Harbour; and an attempt at a burglary, also at Windy Harbour, which was foiled by the approach of the mobile home park’s security patrol. There was also a theft from a car: the front and rear plates were stolen from a car at Pool Brow Caravan Park, in Poolfoot Lane.

Nearly 800 were caught speeding!

There are now regular police patrols around Singleton and Weeton to catch speeding cars, driven mainly by local people, it seems. From January to July 499 motorists were caught, and a further 249 were caught from 12 visits of the speedtrap van between July and September. By the time you read this the total may have increased to nearly 800.

Only 9% of the drivers were from out of the area, and the majority of the 91% were from the FY4-7 and PR4 areas. In fact, some 63% were from FY postcodes.

A member of the public attending the meeting asked why there had been a speedtrap at 6am one Sunday morning, and  councillors explained it had been to deter motorbike riders who have been making a habit of racing around the parish at that time.

Councillors commended the police on their increased coverage of the parish and the increasing number of speeding motorists that were being fined.  But we still want to discuss policing issues generally – especially the need for a mini-roundabout at the bottom of Church Road – and hope Inspector Keith Ogle will be able to attend a parish council meeting for this.

Trees behind the garage

Cllr Maxine Chew reported that the borough’s enforcement officer had visited Darren Soothill to discuss the demolition of two Trust trees in the woods behind Singleton Service Station and the chainsawing of branches on a large tree at a back corner of his garage.

We understand that while the officer has allowed some tree work – and residents should not be dismayed if there hear some chainsaw noise – any further destruction of trees in the conservation area may result in a prosecution.

Shale gas

Cllr Maxine Chew had attended a meeting called by Quadrilla and reported back on the firm’s finding that there was considerably more gas under the Fylde than had been expected. The story has made headlines in local and national newspapers and we are continuing to keep an eye on developments.

Next meetings

We’re meeting on the following Thursday evenings: 20th October, 17th November, and 15th December. All three will be in the church vestry, as usual, and starting at 7.30pm, as usual. All are welcome.