Singleton Parish Council

Minutes from Parish Council meeting held on 16 November 2021

Singleton Parish Council               

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, Singleton

On Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 7.15 pm

Present: – Cllrs Lee (Chair), Bailey (Vice Chair), Gallagher and Ibbotson, and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes.

1.Apologies for Absence Cllr Cholmondeley and County Councillor John Singleton  
2.Police Matters   Information received thatPCSO Lauren Vallely finished her role at Kirkham and had started as a PC on 1st November 2021.  She therefore would not be corresponding with the Parish Council again.  The Parish Council had wished her well in her new role and was looking forward to working with her replacement.  At the time of this meeting unfortunately no crime figures had been received for October and the Parish Council hopes that this will be resumed as soon as possible.   Cllr Bailey reported about a case of fly-tipping at Barnfield Manor recently, where a neighbour had taken photographs of the vehicle involved and had informed the Police.  Unfortunately nothing had happened about this and on contacting the Police again the neighbour was told to let them know if it happened again!  The Parish Council was very disappointed to hear this especially after being reassured by the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner that they wanted to work together with local councils and communities.   Information from Wesham about a growing incidence of young people under 18 going round trying house doors through the day.  When they do find one unlocked, they enter and look for car keys which they then pass on to older members of the group who later use these keys to steal cars from properties.  Other reports tell of people looking through letter-boxes to see if they can reach car keys.  Warnings about these incidents and the need for residents to be vigilant and keep doors locked and car keys out of sight will be put on the website.  
3.Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising   The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14 October, having been previously circulated and agreed were signed as a true and correct copy by the Chairman.  There were no matters arising.  
4.Open Forum  – None  
5.Declaration of Interests – Cllr Lee declared an interest in planning application 21/0960 and took no part in that discussion.  
6.Planning Matters and Decisions   21/1009 – 12 The Village, FY6 8LL – Single storey rear extension – No specific observations to make on the proposal. 21/0960 – Land between 185 and 195 Mains Lane FY6 7LB – Application to remove condition 5 of reserved matters approval 18/0724 – No specific observations to make. Unfortunately Fylde BC’s planning website had been down for at least 8 days and therefore councillors had been unable to view planning applications 21/1014, 21/1025, 21/1028 and 21/1031. The Clerk will ask for an extension to the deadline dates so that councillors will be able to consider these at the December meeting.   21/0166 – Matters concerning this planning application are still on-going. The unauthorised advertisement banner at Windy Harbour has now been taken down.   Planning decisions   21/0824 – Orchard Nurseries, 166 Mains Lane – Granted. 21/0651 – The Stables, Singleton Grange Farm – Granted 21/0670 & 21/0680 – The Manor Barn, Mains Hall – Withdrawn by Applicant 21/0868 – Newbrook, Old Mains Lane – Granted 21/0777 – Singleton Grange Farm – Granted  
7.Traffic and Highway Issues   The problem with the traffic lights at Singleton crossroads has been sorted and things have improved.  LCC are asking all parish and town councils to let them know which roads require repairing in their areas and Cllr Ibbotson undertook to look into this.  The pot-holes on Pool Foot Lane have already been repaired but there is still concern about the edges on Station Road.   LCC will now be sending out regular severe weather bulletins during the winter period to show what action they have taken across the county.  
8.New By-Pass   Two fortnightly updates received, forwarded to the Parish Council by Cty Cllr John Singleton detailing what work is to be undertaken in that period.  They have started drilling and piling work for the bridge underpass on Lodge Lane.  This work will carry on for six months.  Minutes from the meeting between Highways England and Barnfield Manor Residents, held on 14 October noted and are on file.  
9.  Correspondence   A consultation is taking place by the Environment Agency on Flood Risk Management Plans and River Basin Management Plans for 2021 – 2027.Email from Fylde BC regarding Christmas refuse and recycling collection arrangements.  All collections will take place as normal Monday to Friday as Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day fall on weekends. They will be working with Trinity Hospice to offer doorstep collections of real Christmas trees. Residents will be able to book a tree collection online and pledge a charitable donation to Trinity Hospice for their doorstep tree collection.  
10.Update from Fylde Borough Council   The decision regarding the Boundary Review is expected any day soon, perhaps up to 30 November.Fylde BC would like all areas to take part in lighting beacons for the Queen’s Jubilee in June 2022.  The idea of having a skip in the car park or perhaps in the field behind to have the beacon in was discussed and would be considered nearer the time.Village Green.  Cllrs Gallagher and Lee met officers at Fylde to discuss what grants could be available for the provision of a village green.  Fylde officers were very helpful and with matched funding this would be well worth pursuing.  Cllrs Gallagher and Lee then met with a member of the Trust to advise of what was available.  Overall two very positive meetings.  
11.  Defibrillator   The owner of Koi Pool had previously offered to help fund and house a second defibrillator.  The Parish Council will make up the difference and the Clerk will formally write to clarify this with the owner.  
12.  Xmas Cards   The next stage of developing this year’s Xmas card is now with last year’s winners who are enhancing two winter photographs.  Cllr Ibbotson will follow progress in this.  
13.Accounts and Invoices to Pay   PKF Littlejohn LLP – Official Audit – £240.  Proposed Cllr Lee, Seconded Cllr Gallagher. Agreed.Clerk – Salary + expenses for October/November – £270.25 – Proposed Cllr Bailey, Seconded Cllr Ibbotson. Agreed.  
14.Any Other Business   The notice board outside the village hall has collapsed.  Cllr Gallagher will take this down and look into putting it on metal legs as the wooden ones are rotten.Christmas tree lights – check to be made with caretaker of the village hall to see if any are stored there.  If not, Cllr Gallagher will purchase some.  
15Date and Time of next meeting – Amended to Tuesday 14 December 2021, 7.15pm.   As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 8.30pm.  

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………

Verena Henderson

Clerk to the Parish Council

Tel: 01995 670455