Minutes from Parish Council Meeting held on 28 June 2018

Minutes from Parish Council Meeting held on 28 June 2018

Singleton Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, Singleton
on 28 June 2018 at 7.15 pm

Present: – Cllrs Chew and Smith, and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes. Cllr Smith took the Chair on this occasion
1. Apologies were received from Cllrs Bailey, Gallagher and Lee and Fraser Monteath, Fylde Borough Council’s new Ranger who will attend a future meeting instead. Item 4 listed on the Agenda will therefore be deferred.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 31 May had been previously agreed via email and will be formally signed by the Chairman at the next meeting.

Matters arising from previous meeting

• Letter of thanks and donation of £50 was sent to the Bowling Club for their help with looking after the workers from Playdale, which had been acknowledged and thanked.
• Letter sent to Village Hall Committee voicing a couple of concerns. Their response is referred to in item 9.
• Letter sent to Richard Cornish of Richard Dumbreck Singleton Trust regarding concerns of residents regarding numerous crows. No reply had been received as yet. This matter, together with other complaints now received, would be put on the next Parish Council Agenda.
• The Clerk had written to Ian Curtis, Democratic Services Officer of Fylde Borough Council asking for guidance regarding the new Privacy Notice regulations and what was appropriate for parish councils. Mr. Curtis had been most helpful and had drafted a notice specifically for Parish Councils which the Clerk had adapted for this Parish Council. Copies were circulated and the Notice will be put on the website.

3. Open Forum – None

4. Declaration of Interests – None

5. Planning Matters and Decisions

18/0358 – Land adjacent to Selcourt, Garstang Road, Singleton FY6 7SX – Residential Development of 9 dwellings with associated landscaping and open space. The Parish Council would like to leave this matter to Fylde BC’s Planners but would like to see substantial landscaping with appropriate trees.


17/1009 – Land between Hillcrest (174) and Normandy (178) Mains Lane, Singleton – Erection of detached House with Garage etc. – Granted.
6. Police and PACT Report
Crime Figures for May for the rural Fylde showed 1 Anti-Social Behaviour incident, 2 cases of Criminal Damage, 6 Violent Crimes and 1 Auto Crime.

The Anti-Social Behaviour was noise nuisance, the Criminal Damage was 1 case of threatening damage and 1 case of damage to a locked gate and the Auto Crime was theft from a vehicle. No information received about the 6 Violent Crimes.

7. Traffic and Highway Issues

The Parish Council was very disappointed to hear that Lancashire County Council declined from supporting Cllr Chew’s and County Councillor Paul Hayhurst’s wish to have a warning sign erected at the Singleton end of Station Road to stop wagons following their satnavs and then being unable to travel under the railway bridge.

8. Proposed new By-Pass

Nothing new to report but a resident had questioned whether the MP had ever been invited to a Parish Council meeting regarding the road scheme. The Clerk had invited him on two occasions in the past, but without success. Cllr Chew had invited him more recently, however, on the Parish Council’s behalf, to discuss the Parish Council’s concerns over the proposals. It had been reported in the Blackpool Gazette that the MP had been successful in getting £100M for the new road. Unfortunately the MP has so far not agreed to attend a meeting with the Parish Council.

9. Correspondence

• A resident from the Pool Foot Lane Area had contacted the Clerk saying that he was very concerned about the amount of litter in nearly all of the roads and volunteered to do some litter-picking in the area. Complete with the appropriate tools he had started and already the area was looking considerably better. The Clerk was asked to write to him thanking him for his excellent community spirit.
• Letter from Fylde BC regarding the Habitats Regulations Assessment part of the Fylde Local Plan to 2032, which is available for inspection on the Examination webpage at Fylde Borough Council under planning policy-local plan. The document is also available for inspection at the Town Hall. Noted.
• Thank you letter sent from Singleton Gala Committee for the donation towards the Gala, which the Parish Council was pleased to hear was a huge success.
• The next District Parish Liaison Meeting is to be held on 18 July. Concern was expressed about the difficulty experienced by people making payments to Fylde BC who did not have computer skills. Also, complaints had been received about the amount of time it took to get through to someone on the phone.
• LCC has launched a Children and Family Wellbeing Service consultation regarding reducing the number of buildings where the service is based. Noted.
• Letter from the Chair of the Village Hall Committee in answer to the Parish Council’s concerns. They are addressing the problems with the flooring and were sorry that Playdale’s workmen had been unable to use the Hall’s facilities during their time working on the play area but this had been against their insurance policy.

Children’s Play Area

Excellent feedback so far on the new equipment on the play area. This is certainly being well used by children in the parish and beyond. Looking to the future, it may well be that the Parish Council will have to pay extra for the maintenance and keeping the equipment in good repair but it was felt important to look after it.

Mr Pawson had previously agreed to keep the grass-cutting contract price for 2018/19 season the same as last year but it may be that extra will need to be paid for grass-cutting of the play area as a strimmer will now be needed to cut round the new equipment, which will take longer than a mower. In the meantime, Mr Pawson has been advised to see how it goes and to add any extra onto his bill for weed-killing etc.

New SID – Update

Cllr Lee has been in touch with the firm who are to discuss the matter on Tuesday 10th July. He will report back.

12. Accounts and Invoices to Pay – All accounts to be formally agreed via email with absent councillors.

• Playdale Playgrounds Limited – Final Account for new play equipment – £3,598.22 – Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Chew
• T A Pawson – SPID – £30.00 – Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Chew
• S Butcher – Litter-picking – £124.80 – Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Chew
• Clerk, Salary and expenses for May/June – £343.70 – Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Chew.

13. Any Other Business – None

14. Date and Time of next three meetings

The dates for the next three meetings, all to be on Thursday nights at 7.15pm were provisionally agreed as: – 19 July, 30 August and 27 September 2018.

As there was no further business, the meeting closed at 8.00pm.

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………

Verena Henderson
Clerk to the Parish Council
Tel: 01995 670455