Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12 April 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 12 April 2018

Singleton Parish Council
Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at the Village Hall, Singleton
on 12 April 2018 at 7.15 pm

Present: – Cllrs Smith (Chair), Bailey, Chew and Gallagher, and the Parish Clerk, Verena Henderson, who took the Minutes.
1. Apologies were received from Cllr Lee.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting and any Matters Arising

The Minutes of the previous meeting held on 22 March were previously circulated via email and agreed. However, as Cllr Lee was absent the Minutes will be held over until the next meeting for his signature.

Matters arising from previous Minutes

All invoices were seconded and agreed to be paid and cheques signed and sent out.

As regards planning applications:-

18/0144 – Greenways, 77 Mains Lane – Referred to Fylde BC’s planners to decide;
18/0207 – Shard View, Shard Road – Referred to Fylde planners to decide;
18/0142 – 62 Mains Lane – No specific observations
18/0203 – Poolbrow Leisure Park – Objection because of complaints received from residents about higher land levels causing problems.

All agreements via email – copies on file.

The new Adventure Trail was ordered for the Children’s Playground from Playdale.

3. Open Forum – None

4. Declaration of Interests – None

5. Planning Matters and Decisions

18/0088 River Wyre Holiday Camp, Mains Lane, Singleton, FY6 7LG – Outline application for residential development of up to five dwellings. The Parish Council has no specific observations to make.

17/0746 – Skippool Service Station, Mains Lane, Singleton FY6 7LJ – Previous application for redevelopment of existing petrol filling station withdrawn by applicant.

6. Police Report

Lancashire Constabulary submitted a report to show that in March there had been 1 crime of Anti-Social Behaviour, 1 of criminal damage, 2 violent crimes and 1 auto crime reported. Reports have also been received about an incident at the Shell Garage involving many travellers threatening the Manager there as well as theft. Luckily an off-duty policeman intervened.

7. Traffic and Highway Issues

The potholes on Lodge Lane have been attended to but still look unsatisfactory. Apparently Lancashire County Council has bought 4 big new machines which will revolutionise the repair of pot-holes. The Parish Council looks forward to these machines coming into operation.

8. Proposed New By-Pass

A letter of intent to build the by-pass has been placed on the Planning Agenda by Highways England. Cllrs Bailey and Chew have been invited to a meeting with Highways England next week and will report back to the next meeting. Radio Lancashire had interviewed Cllr Chew about the effects of the by-pass but only aired 30 seconds of a 20 minute interview and this was completely out of context of the subject matter.

Cllr Bailey was concerned that during the process of the construction there would be no compensation. Only when the road is completed would consideration be given to any loss of value of property and that would be after 4 years. Everything, such as valuation fees, would have to be paid up front and would only be paid back at the end if found to be right. If the homeowner lost, then they would not get their money back. Very little compensation in respect of environmental concerns.

9. Correspondence

• Community Housing Fund – Email from Fylde BC concerning community-led housing and the delivery of affordable housing. It was felt that the Singleton Trust may be interested in this and the Clerk would forward the email on to them.
• Confirmation that the next meeting of the Parish Liaison Group will take place on 18 April at Wrea Green Institute, commencing at 6.30pm. Cllr Chew will attend.
• Blackpool to Preston railway has reopened following the major upgrade. Unfortunately only one train per hour will operate between Blackpool North and Manchester Airport, via Preston, and bus services will continue to supplement the service. A new timetable will be introduced on 20 May 2018.
• Lancashire County Council are consulting on proposed changes to disabled person’s NoWcard scheme whereby a flat fare on journeys on local bus/tram services that begin before 9.30am on Mondays to Fridays would rise from 50p to £1. The Parish Council agrees with this rise.

Update on SID

Still not back with us yet and we are still having to use a temporary one. Expected back very shortly.

New Auditing Procedures for 2018/19

Information received of a new auditing procedure for the end-of-year accounts, which will now be called the Annual Governance and Accountability Return. Information noted.

Parish Council’s Policy on the Usage of Plastics

After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council would produce a policy whereby it dissuades the usage of plastics and encourages the use of alternatives at venues such as the Village Hall. Cllr Chew and the Clerk would work on this policy and bring it back to the next meeting.

13. Accounts and Invoices to Pay

A claim for the refund of VAT was made on 15 March for the sum of £1,239.22 for the period 31.03.2016 to 31.03.2017. This is awaited.

The first instalment of the precept has been paid by Fylde BC of £9,722.00. Out of this, the Playground Maintenance Service Level Agreement (£1,233.00) has been deducted at source and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme Grant of £48 added to it. A net sum of £8,537.00 has been paid into the Parish Council’s bank.

• T A Pawson (SPID) – £30.00 – Proposed Cllr Gallagher, Seconded Cllr Smith. Agreed.
• Clerk Salary and Expenses for March/April – £234.44 – Proposed Cllr Smith, Seconded Cllr Chew. Agreed.

14. Any Other Business

• The opening of the Peace Garden will be taking place on 14 October 2018, which is the same day as the Harvest Festival.
• John Chew has repaired the bench on the play area and will be submitting his bill for the items used next month. As usual, he has not charged for his time and his efforts are greatly appreciated by the Parish Council.
• Cllr Chew has been touring the parish with the Heritage Officer who has noted items of historical interest.
• Grant Funding. Concern expressed about the amount of grant funding which goes towards projects in Lytham and St. Annes and which is listed on this year’s Council Tax bills. The rural areas seem to be neglected in this respect.
• The Litter-picker has requested bags to be provided. This was agreed.
• Concern about the amount of fly-tipping in Sandy Lane.
15 Date and Time of next meeting

The next meetings were set as follows:-

Thursday 31 May – Annual Parish Meeting at 7.00pm followed by monthly meeting at 7.30pm.

As there was no further business the meeting closed at 8.15pm.

Signed …………………………………………… Dated ………………………………………

Verena Henderson
Clerk to the Parish Council
Tel: 01995 670455