Neighbourhood Planning Group gaining momentum

January 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

A group of local volunteers has come on board to help Singleton Parish Council in its Neighbourhood Planning project. The make-up of the group is as follows: –

Mark Clifford
Doug Goth
David Kay
Jim Pawson
Chris Simpson
Kath Smith

We are pleased to announce that Peter Ellacott has agreed to join the group and will attend its next meeting on 20 January 2015. If anyone else is interested in joining, please contact the Clerk, Verena Henderson, on 01995 670455.

The Neighbourhood Plan will cover all parts of Singleton Village and Little Singleton and a good cross section of the community is sought to add their own views and expertise. The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to protect the rural nature of the Parish, its character and distinctiveness, to ensure any development improves and enhances the Conservation Area of Singleton village and avoids spoiling the historic layout. Singleton Parish has two distinct communities and the Parish Council wants to encourage integration of the two communities, reinforce and protect the parish and to establish, where possible, areas where new development would be acceptable.