Speed camera snaps local motorists

Speed camera snaps local motorists

DOZENS of motorists were caught speeding through Singleton during a two-day visit by a speed camera van, the new parish council heard at its first meeting, on 23rd June 2011.

Many of those snapped were local residents who should have known better, but they may have been caught out, at least on one occasion, because the camera van parked unexpectedly at the mouth of Church Street and its camera was pointed along the main road towards Weeton. Motorists passing the junction with Mile Road would have seen the van too late!

Exact speeding figures were not available straightaway, but we should have full details at our next meeting, next month.

The council heard that the camera’s coverage of Singleton may have been a direct result of a request at a PACT meeting by borough and parish councillor Maxine Chew. “PACT meetings are a great way of getting things done,” she said, “because the nature of the PACT system means any complaints must be acted upon.”

New council

FOUR of last year’s parish councillors are continuing to serve the council. They are Bob Gallagher, Maxine Chew, Clive Barnden, and Sallyanne Davies-Ward.

At the first meeting of the new council, held in the Church vestry as usual, councillors voted Bob chairman, and Maxine vice-chairman. Clive continues to run this blog. A fifth councillor is to be co-opted.

Traffic continues to be one of the main issues on the new council’s agenda and something we will press for as hard as we can is a roundabout, at the bottom of Church Road, to slow traffic from Mile Road and Weeton as well as to make it safer for pedestrians crossing to the village hall.

Effects of cutbacks

RECENT cutbacks have included the welfare bus and the grass cutting on Mains Lane.

County council cutbacks mean the welfare bus’s last run was booked for 30th June, ending eight years of ferrying the infirm and elderly from various villages to the medical centre in Great Eccleston.

Cutbacks at Enterprise Mouchel have meant the firm has been deaf to the parish council’s demands to improve the grass cutting along Mains Lane and Garstang Road East. The council will be investigating this and other grass cutting around the parish.

Next meetings

OUR next two meetings are on 21st July 2011 and 18th August 2011, both in the church vestry, and starting at 7.30pm, as usual. Everyone is welcome, as usual.

We hope the July meeting will see detailed results of the housing needs survey conducted earlier in the year by Fylde Borough Council, in conjunction with the parish council. Traffic should be the key topic at the August meeting.