It’s been a great year!

It’s been a great year!

THE LAST 12 months have been very successful, Chairman Bob Gallagher said in his report to fellow councillors at the parish council’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 14th April. Among the successes were:

  • – Gaining two sizeable grants, one for the closure of the Lodge Lane layby, the other for installing lighting in the village hall car-park;
  • –  Getting the Lodge Lane layby shut to stop tipping and unsavoury behaviour, although (ironically) the first day it was closed a vehicle ran over the new kerbstones & soil!
  • – Our plans for refurbishing the village hall have been backed by an offer of help by our MP, Mark Menzies;
  • – We were the first group to be shown around the Cuadrilla site on Grange Road and will monitor its development;
  • – We have been monitoring activity on the traveller site at Hardhorn;
  • – We helped launch the Housing Needs Survey, due to be published in June;
  • – Glasdon’s donation of grit-bins and noticeboards;
  • – We launched a Singleton in Bloom contest, which proved popular enough to start a trend, with the second planned for July;
  • – Erecting the Christmas tree & lights outside the village hall;
  • – Issuing Christmas cards to residents throughout the parish;
  • – Sponsoring the use and filling of 18 flower tubs around the parish;
  • – Continuing our tree-planting programme;
  • – Continuing issuing our quarterly newsletter.

The meeting was postponed until after the May local government elections so that the new parish council could elect its chairman and vice-chairman.

Council meeting

AT the parish council meeting which followed the AGM we heard that crime figures for the preceding month were confusing because Singleton had been lumped in with other parishes throughout rural Fylde.  However we were able to ascertain that there had been no burglaries, thefts, thefts from cars, or rowdy behaviour. But  there had been a sexual assault reported at Windy Harbour, and ducks and geese had strayed onto the A585.

Puzzle Wood
DESPITE the delicate state of the new growth we have funded for the wood, our efforts are being spoiled by some nearby residents. One is still tipping ash and grass cuttings into the site, another’s grandchildren knocked down hedgehog shelters and damaged bluebells, and some villagers or others are still letting their dogs loose there.  We are erecting a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign on the lychgate and are prepared to call in the dog warden for any violations.

Other business
– OUR plans to install lighting in the village hall car-park are going ahead in the new financial year;
– WE are chasing Enterprise Mouchel to honour their contract for grass-cutting on the main roads.

Next meeting
WE meet next on 4th May, at 7.30pm as usual, and in the church vestry, as usual. All are welcome.