Work starts on Lodge Lane layby

March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

COUNCILLORS were delighted to see work starting on the blocking up of the Lodge Lane layby.

This is a project started years ago and delayed for legal and other reasons. Work had begun a month ago, but had to be postponed to give Dan’s Diner time to change location.

Grant go-ahead

AT our meeting on Thursday, 17th March 2011, we were also delighted to hear we have been granted £5,000 from the Parish Fund for improvements, notably providing lighting in the village hall car-park. There will be three sodium ground lights along the length of the car-park and a PIR-switched white light by the gate.

Don’t lose your dog!

WE have been warned that stray dogs are to be handled by Sundown Kennels in Mains Lane, which will charging £70 to collect any and £90 to release them. Owners be warned…

Housing needs

OUR joint survey with Fylde Borough Council prompted 135 responses from parishioners – an impressive 31% response – and the current draft results document has highlighted residents’ concerns about maintaining the character of the parish. We’ll have more details available at our next meeting, our AGM on 14th April 2011.

Crime report

The police report shows:

  • Criminal damage: 0 in February, 3 in January, and 7 last year.
  • Burglary: none in February, 1 in January, 2 last year.
  • Theft: 5 in February, 3 in January, 3 last year.
  • No thefts of motor vehicles.
  • Thefts from motor vehicles: 1 in February, 0 in January, 1 last year.
  • Assaults: 1 in February, 0 in January, 3 last year.
  • Drugs: 0 in February, 2 in January, 1 last year.
  • Rowdy & inconsiderate: 1 in February, 2 in January, 2 last year.

Next meeting

It’s our AGM, on 14th April 2011, starting at 7.30pm, as usual. It’s in the Church vestry, as usual. All are welcome